About Us

Hello to all from the Backwoods,

We are a family run company located in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. The company originally started with my son Michael and his wife Amy making candles. As their candle business expanded he eventually got me interested and I helped him with a few craft shows and the next thing you know I was hooked on fragrance. I got reinterested in an old hobby making cold process soap. When I first began making soap years ago I didn't know about fragrance oils, I tried to scent it with spices which usually wasn't successful. Fragrance oils opened up a whole new world in the soap making process. From soap I  gradually began branching out into bath and body products and suddenly Backwoods Fragrance & Supply was being planned by Michael and Amy and my husband George and I. There are no supply companies very near to either of our residences and we are hoping to fill that void.

Our goal is to provide quality products at affordable prices for our customers with an emphasis on good customer service and reasonable shipping costs.  Our shipping calculator is set to charge as near to exact shipping from us to you as we can get. We aim to please.  Our main product line is our superior fragrance oils which are all formulated to be bath and body safe as well as for use in candles. All fragrances are tested in cold process soap and in candles before being added to our line. We hope you will give our products a try. Once you do we're sure you will be pleased.


Backwoods Fragrance & Supply